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The exhibition “Il volto nell'arte” in Fermo

Fermo (FM)    0000-00-00

The exhibition “Il volto nell'arte” (The face in the art) in Fermo is a very interesting meeting for all art and culture lovers in the Marche. The show was launched in Palazzo Priori last December the 19th and it can be visited until the 28th of February. It aims to propose an itinerary and journey from the imaginary portrait, considered as part of the divine according to the Catholic creativity canons, up to the photography of the reality, including the transformation of physiognomic features.

““Il volto nell'arte - immaginazione, trasformazione e realtà nel Fermano dal XVII al XIX secolo" (The face in the art – imagination, transformation and reality in the Fermo area from the 17th to the 19th century”) is the complete name of the exhibition, one of the most important events in the Marche at the beginning of the year which is curated by Stefano Papetti and Claudio Maggini. The exhibition allows visitors to travel back in time, discovering art and culture in the Marche, going through five centuries, starting from the early 1500s: modern art is taken into consideration also in the context of the relationship between the sanctity of faith and the expressive forms of portraits and human face, always through the refined beauty reproduced by artists and their work.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into chronological order and begins with the imaginary portrait dedicated to Jesus’ life; going on, we meet the sector dealing with transformation, focusing on a portrait we might define as “loaded”, marked by aggravated physiognomic traits. We then reach the reality-related section, starting with the the portrait of Pope Sixtus V, representing an artistic turning point, especially on the religious portraits wanted by the Catholic church of the Council of Trent: as a matter of fact, from this historical moment onwards, religious compositions are more and more dedicated to real people and with time they are released from idealized images.

This is therefore the reason why “Il volto nell’arte” is not only one of the most interesting events in the Marche, but also one of the most intriguing and it is able to enrich the soul, as it provides a new glance on something we often have in front of our eyes, but that we do not observe. The exhibition is open until the end of February, Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 1 pm and from 3.30 till 6 pm.

As Mr. Paolo Calcinaro, mayor of Pesaro, has had the opportunity to highlight, it is an important element in the city’s cultural offerings, also thanks to the comfortable, ad-ho exhibition area. This is not the only meeting to write down in your diary: as a matter of fact, when spring comes there will be a rotational exhibition of the 100 works put on display by the master painter Sandro Trotti, We are waiting for the restoration of the Sala degli Incontri, of the conference room and of the didactic laboratories. In conclusion, culture is really at home in the Marche.

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