GoodMarche is a travel diary. Real stories of places, people and hospitality. A new and original way to show the beauties and the excellencies of which this region is an inexhaustible treasure trove. It is a tale of the Marche’s fortresses, seaside towns, countryside and ancient tastes. As a dynamic guide, it is updated on site and it plans to present an accurate selection of the most representative and fascinating places you can stay at in the Marche, with its defined territory where various touristic proposals can be enjoyed all year round. Every town, every contrada (city district) hides precious accommodation to discover and enjoy. Whether it is a historical home or a modern building created according to the latest bio-architectonic standards, a fisherman’s house or a restored farmhouse, every place has a story to tell. GoodMarche is ready to listen to and preserve all these testimonies, to carefully archive and offer them to all those wishing to know about our land. GoodMarche nutures the page “hospitality tales”. These accounts are personally collected by the people we send out to these locations where they have face to face contact with all the people who make these realities alive and lively with their daily work. Restaurateurs, innkeepers, hotel owners, agriturismo and B&B owner. No-one will be excluded from this step by step journey in the very heart of hospitality-oriented Marche… as long as they want to let themselves go.