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Art and culture in the Marche: celebrations not to be missed

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When we talk about cultural tourism in the Marche, we refer to the extraordinary variety of festivities, meetings, town festivals, events and exhibitions that characterize this territory. In this region, particular attention is paid to religious festivities, as witnessed by the many living nativity scenes you can see during the Christmas period: among the most amazing, we should mention the one in Genga, but also those in Potenza Picena, Pioraco, Comunanza, Precicchie castle, Fabriano and the Frasassi gorge are worth a visit. Art in the Marche can be also found in the city of Fano dei Cesari, also known for its most attractive Carnival, with its impressive floats parading the streets until the moment of the final blaze, when the great Pupo is set on fire.

As a matter of fact, culture in the Marche goes hand in hand with the tradition of Carnival: just to give you a quick list of events, we must mention the Carnival in Ascoli Piceno, as well as the spectacular and flamboyant one in Offida, with its unique trait: it is divided into two different parts, Lu Bov Fint and the Sfilata dei Vlurd. Lu Bov Fint is dialect for The Fake Ox, put on display on Venerdi Grasso with a fake ox as its protagonist, while the Sfilata dei Vlurd, taking place on Mardi Gras, is an entertaining parade ending with a fire. The Carnival in Ancona, the Carnival in Fermo and the Festa delle Streghe (Festival of the Witches) in Corinaldo, celebrated during the Halloween period, are further events representing culture in the Marche.


Cultural tourism in the Marche is also alive during the events linked to the cycle of wheat, such as the Festa del Covo (Festival of the Sheaf), a yearly event in Campocavallo di Osimo, in the province of Ancona, taking place on the first Sunday in August: it is a celebration that links sacred and profane elements, but which is based on the desire to thank the Heavens. The procession of the canestrelle in Amandola, in the province of Fermo, is a historic re-enactment of the offering of wheat to the Blessed Anthony.

Art in the Marche is therefore a synonym for religion: in this sense, we should not forget La Turba di Cantiano which is evocative and fascinating also for non-believers, the event re-enacts the scenes of the Passion of Good Friday. The origins of these traditions are rooted in the second half of the 13th century. Another series of interesting events linked to the Passion are held in Mogliano, Pioraco, Villa Musone di Loreto, Monte San Pietrangeli, Ripatransone, Recanati, Monteprandone and Porto Sant'Elpidio

Finally, on Corpus Domini day, in Castelraimondo there takes place the infiorata (flower carpet); similar events are held also in Servigliano, Ortezzano, Monterubbiano, Montefiore dell'Aso and in Corridonia. In Loreto, on the 9th of December there is the commemoration of the Arrival of the Holy House; on this occasion, fires are lit on the hill as a thank-you sign.

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