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Sibillini Mountains, a natural landscape to admire

Monti Sibillini    0000-00-00

The Sibillini Mountains exert a magnetic appeal that inexorably attracts every tourist. These are special places, to say the least, able to draw attention and to charm, but also to create a direct contact between man and nature. This mountain range represents the most important visual landmark for all the Marche inhabitants looking southwards, and can be observed even while having a walk at the beach, in the summer as well as in winter. A place offering breath-taking views that inspired even the poet Giacomo Leopardi who, while staying in his Recanati, used to look at the mountains, longing for a different life. The myth of Sibyl, then, further increases the magic of the place.

Monti Sibillini

And if Antoine de la Sale decided to venture into the mountains precisely to discover the myth, it is worth to recall the legend, which say that Sybil had her own cave on the mountain of the same name (the cave does not exist anymore). These mountains do not have a proper access, yet they attract tourists from every part of Italy and the world, also thanks to its medieval towns.

There are several ingredients contributing to the creation of the perfect recipe: one of them, for example, is the reception of the inhabitants of the Marche, who are always friendly and open to newcomers. A demonstration of this is Sibillini Segreti e Sapori (Sibillini Secrets and Tastes), a very active association representing a model for the whole country and shows how a network of people with the same aim can work excellently. Therefore, the sense of community amongst Monte San Martino, Smerillo and Amandola, just to mention some of the most beautiful and intriguing towns of the area, is very strong.

The art of preserving the most ancient roots then blended with innovations and modernity: is why the blog Sibillini Segreti was created: a blog about tales, secrets and stories on Sibillini Mountains. After all, the Peak of Sybil has always been appreciated and loved for its natural landscapes, with its unmistakable rocky crown standing out against the sky representing today, just like two thousand years ago, a unique and irreplaceable landmark for all the inhabitants of the region, a peak dominating the valleys, instilling safety and calm. And how can one forget, in this exposition, Mount Conero with its several trails and luxuriant vegetation?

Monti Sibillini
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