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The season at the Teatro Dell'Aquila in Fermo

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For every theatre enthusiast in the Marche, the Teatro Comunale dell'Aquila in Fermo is very important thanks to its schedule that can suit everyone’s tastes, whether for sophisticated spectators, as well as for those who go to the theatre for the first time. The 2015/2016 theatrical season began on the 10th of November and finishes on the 7th of May; during these months, it offers a varied range of interesting programmes: therefore, if you are looking for unmissable events in the Marche, you cannot help but to stop in Fermo.

Teatro Dell'Aquila
The prose season at the Teatro dell'Aquila elevates the quality of the theatre in the Marche, thanks to the best acts, not only national but also international. On Sunday the 24th of January, for example, Ricky Tognazzi and his wife Simona Izzo, both actors, directors and screenwriters, will bring onto the stage “Figli, mariti, amanti…” (Children, husbands, lovers…), a comedy rich in fun, yet at the same time with bitter aspects relating to conjugal life and its difficulties. It is therefore the ideal piece to have a laugh and a smile, thanks to the story of two relationships, one regular and one hidden, a blend of misconceptions and misunderstandings until of course in the end a new harmony is reconstructed.

Among the events in the Marche linked to art and culture we must then mention “Gabbiano” (The seagull), directed by Carmelo Rifici and on stage on the 27th of February with a rich cast of actors, including Anahi Traversi, Emiliano Masala, Ruggero Dondi, Giovanni Crippa, Zeno Gabaglio, Igor Horvat, Mariangela Granelli, Giorgia Senesi and Maria Pilar Perez Aspa. It is a mysterious piece, bound to shed light on the best and the worst part of mankind.

In March, it is the turn of “Una giornata particolare” (A particular day), that will see on stage two very known faces of Italian cinema and television, that is the actress Valeria Solarino and the actor Giulio Scarpati, famous for his role as Lele Martini in the series “Un medico in famiglia”. Nora Venturini is the director, with the gratifying, yet at the same time difficult task to put on the theatre stage a masterpiece of the cinema, a comedy written by two big names like Maccari and Scola, who are able to move and entertain spectators.

On the 9th of April, the Teatro Comunale dell'Aquila will host one of the leading figures of the Italian theatre: he is Franco Branciaroli with the great classic “Enrico IV” (Henry IV) by Luigi Pirandello, an author of whom the popular actor deals with for the first time. A drama written almost one century ago, in 1921, and that nowadays is probably considered as the Sicilian Nobel prize-awarded author’s masterpiece.

The next session of which one has to pay full price, it does not come under the “season ticket”, is on the 20th of April, “Perfomance”, starring Virginia Raffaele, her impressions and several masks; the season will close on the 6th and the 7th of May with “Batterfield” by Peter Book: a unique chance to watch the famous Indian epic poem put on stage.

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