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Marche parks and nature

A visit to Falconara’s zoo park, in the Marche

Falconara Marittima (AN)    0000-00-00

Parks in the Marche can touch and make both adults and children very happy: a demonstration of this is Falconara’s zoo park, sitting on a hill on more than 60 thousand square metres, overlooking an extraordinary panorama. Created at the end of the 1960s, in the beginning this park was a regular amusement park with slides, seesaws and various games, including fairytale houses and some domestic animals.

Over the course of the years, though, it has developed into one of the most known natural parks in the Marche, now with the appearance of a proper zoo, also thanks to the arrival of several new animal species, including felines and birds. In the 1980s, Falconara’s zoo park became member of Uiza, that is Unione Italiana Zoo e Acquari (Italian Union of Zoos and Aquaria), a gathering together of Italian aquaria and zoos which comply with specific requisites and, above all, with exact ethical standards, taking into consideration the laws and regulations in force on the matter. Therefore, decade after decade, the structure has renovated itself, also following the creation of new areas destined to the conservation and breeding of the guest species. For example, cages and concrete were abandoned in favour of metal nets and big glass walls immersed in the green, thus allowing all visitors to observe the animals, who in turn can enjoy everything they need. On the other side, the education and didactic aspect are curated by biologists, zoologists and veterinaries: all these professionals verify that each animal is treated in the best possible way.

Falconara’s zoo park is one of the most prestigious parks because it hosts species included in the Cites, i.e. Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species. The zoo therefore carries out an important role for the safeguard and conservation of such species, as all animals are registered and even provided with specific documents given by the State Forestry Corps. From this point of view Captive breeding is a significant advantage, as it could even represent the first step towards the reintroduction in nature of some exemplars.

Just like many natural parks in the Marche, Falconara’s zoo park is often also visited by pupils as well as by tourists coming from the whole region, and not only: upon request, it is possible to enjoy guided tours, whilst for young people and children there are didactic laboratories divided according to age brackets. The zoo is open daily from April through to September; in March and October from Wednesdays till Mondays, whilst in February and November the opening is on Sundays only, provided the weather allows it. In December and January the park is completely closed.

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