Hello, my name is Pamela, I live in Marotta and every morning the first thing I do is pause to take a look at the Adriatic sea and breathe in its scent from the window of my room. This is a little gift I give to myself to set me up to face the day ahead. I just cannot do without it!

I love pottery, furniture restoration, photography and travel, travel, travel. It could not be any other way, as I was born abroad and in my family there is always a packed suitcase (in the true sense of the word). My life has been mixed with various experiences, both in Italy and abroad, dealing with finance and administrative management. At a certain point, though, I understood that I had to challenge myself, because life needs a little zest, doesn’t it? And this is what I did! Joining GoodMarche was like rediscovering this wonderful land of mine where I grew up, yes exactly like this, rediscovering it, to see more clearly what I told people about during my experiences abroad, to show others how beautiful my region is and deepen my knowledge. Talking with people and listening to other opinions and facts, comparing these with them, driving around the Marche and watching the landscapes change… all of this is pure energy. I live in the Marche and as I am more and more aware of its beauty, I would like more and more people to come here and get to know it.

What attracted me to this project is that it promotes what I believe in through a selected and closely-knit group, where quality is the keyword. GoodMarche unites unique hotel accommodations, it creates connections so that we can all work together to show the whole world the beauties of this region.